Automate, integrate & personalize your security awareness training program

You need a security awareness program that works for you, not the other way around. Automate your training efforts and integrate with your existing tools to save time, leverage existing resources and make security awareness training fit your organization.

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Streamline identity management & user provisioning

Infosec’s identity service leverages SCIM to streamline user provisioning from a single location, making it easy to authenticate learners and automatically segment training groups by location, department, hire date and more. Supported integrations include Azure Active Directory, Okta, Auth0, SailPoint, Oracle Identity Manager, OneLogin and more.

Integrate with your security, training & reporting tools

Integrate your awareness and training program with your existing security, employee training and reporting tools to save time and streamline business processes.

Sync with Active Directory, integrate with your LMS and security tools or build your own integration using our API.

Automate training delivery

Don’t have the time to build, manage and optimize 12 months of security awareness training? We’ll help you build an entire year of comprehensive awareness and training that runs automatically. You can even assign our Catch of the Week phishing category to deploy new and relevant phishing tests year round.

Infosec IQ training campaigns include automated notifications and alerts to encourage employees to complete training, track phished learners and keep managers in the loop to ensure your program runs smoothly all year.

Respond to threats faster

Infosec IQ puts enterprise-grade threat detection and response in your hands by turning employee-reported emails into actionable threat intelligence.

PhishHunter automatically analyzes and scores employee-reported emails using 60+ leading anti-malware scanners and 40+ suspicious domain scanners. Build custom rules to categorize threats, orchestrate your attack response and stop breaches before they occur.

Personalize training

Use learner information and training data to serve the right training to the right people at the right time.

Activate pre-built campaigns to automatically educate phished learners, serve training based on events from your endpoint protection and enroll new hires in training to meet your compliance needs.

Cybersecurity Culture — Quantified

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