ImCheck - Saddling-up gamma-delta (γδ) T cells to combat cancer and beyond

Unleashing the therapeutic potential of γδ T cells, ImCheck has shown its immunomodulation approach could become the treatment of choice against cancer and other serious diseases.

Representing a bridge between the innate and adaptive immune systems, γ9δ2 T cells have recently received considerable attention due to their unique role in immunosurveillance and potent anti-tumor activity. In order to exploit this powerful cellular chasis for immuno-oncology therapies, ImCheck is developing first-in-class antibody against a novel class of targets called butyrophilins (BTNs), with the most advanced program against BTN3A entering the clinics in 2020. ImCheck’s pipeline includes programs targeting BTN2A and BTNL3/BTNL8, which are currently in early preclinical stage but have demonstrated potential to modulate TAMs and δ1 T cells, respectively. In parallel to advancing its IO programs, ImCheck is designing inhibitory mAbs that can diminish the dysfunctional immune system activation in autoimmune diseases.



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